Friday, January 31, 2014

I am blogging today, yes yes yes

All scans of final photographs and illustration

I have been having the time of my life in London for the past few months studying at Central Saint Martins. I have been specialized into the fashion pathway on Foundation, and I won't lie it has been a lot of hard work. But I love it! I just wanted to give you guys a taste of what I have been up to. These are some shots from the final outcomes of my last project. What inspired me was a longing for home and for the people I love like my family, my friends and my boyfriend. The main concept that drove this work was  exploring the idea of weights, or anchors of the mind. About the thoughts and memories that people hold onto due to its figurative heaviness. I experimented with wrapping different foams to create boulder like structures which would sit on the body. I also drew from the colours and textures of rocks and minerals as inspiration for what the "weights" or "anchors" would look like, as well as colours and textures I wanted to mimic throughout the garment. I also made reference to Canadian outerwear, being the anchor I was exploring was my anchor to home in Canada. I deconstructed a jacket which I integrated into the back of the dress and did a play on the whole wrapping your jacket around your waist thing (as you cans see from the front). It's something my boyfriend does a lot and I thought it would be a playful little reference to him :). 

I want to start posting some of the work I have been doing in school onto Calur Villade. I also have some outfit posts and features that are way overdue that I would like to show as well. I'm nearing the end of this semester, and have reading week coming up so I will be able to catch up on some blogging :) Hope all is well!

Paolina Alexandra Russo


  1. love these photos and the illustration is really interesting, I love the simplicity of it <3

  2. This is really interesting, I hope you are enjoying your time in London even though it is freezing and snow is on its way soon!

    1. OH NO! Theres snow coming? I thought I got away from all of that when I left canada! Hehe, well ill enjoy this good weather while it lasts

  3. Ah, this is so amazing and fascinating!!

  4. finally you're back! and even more creative than ever! happy to have you blogging again!

  5. these are beautiful, well donee <3

  6. love this juxtapostion, this mixture, this combination of colours, materials and styles !!

  7. So creative, I always love your posts, so glad you´re back c: