Sunday, November 25, 2012


Photos by Sahil Babbar
Everything Thrifted/ Second Hand

Hey people of the interwebs! Calur Villade is back and running now that I am done with all of my university applications. Boy was that a lot of work. These are some photos taken a few weeks back. So of course, my hair is a completely different colour currently than it is in these photos. 

I bought a disposable camera in the summer and I finally developed the photos. Ill share more and more of the album as the weeks pass. Here are the first two photos.

Christ's Body Chain; Ivory Jar 
Everything else is thrift or second hand

Oh god, don't you love film cameras? They just make everything look a whole lot better. Too bad film/ film cameras are so fucking expensive now. I spent 15 bucks on this camera, and it was disposable, so I didn't even get to keep it after. I miss the days when I was little, and everyone used film cameras instead of digital. Especially Polaroid's! I am not going to spend over 100-200 dollars to buy a Polaroid type camera and then spend even more money to buy the film. Maybe I am just cheap. But that shit cost way less before. LONG LIVE THE 90S!  Can some company please start mass producing those cameras again so I can afford to take cool pictures? That would be amazing.

Anyway, hope you're all are well! If you miss anything from the 90s too or even your childhood, comment down below. I would love to know! :D

Paolina Alexandra Russo


  1. these photos are awesome. i love film cameras too, i have one but i didn't get to develop the photos yet..i should do it soon tho now that i see your amazing photos!

  2. Ahhh these are amazing.
    (and yeah, film is so much better.)

  3. word! I'm just starting to get into film photography and my biggest dilemma is actually finding film. I wish it wasn't so expensive *_*
    Also, you look super badass as per usual. I love the indian artwork, so inspirational

  4. these are amazing! <3333
    love the color of your hair~

    Gabriella Olivia

  5. I believe that all people born in the 90s are nostalgic of this period. We're a generation very attached to our childhood. I don't know why... probably because it is just the best! I love your blog anyway :)

  6. this shoot reminds me of madonna, like a prayer!
    love it x

  7. LONG LIVE ! It's truee and lomagraphy is also hella expensive developing them or digitalizing them! every univerty will want you and take your application ! I want you ! Long live to Paolina also!

  8. EEP I am so happy now, you have posted something! Those pictures are seriously perfect.

  9. Your hair combined with that coral lipstick = perfection. x

    1. I get so excited everytime I see you have a new post seriously.These photos are gorgeous you look like a freakin princess - that headdress! yeah it sucks that film is so expensive but I think everynow and again it's worth it also I think I'd die under a heap of clothes if I spent all my money on clothes! xx

  10. I love everything in this post
    The headdress and jewellery are to die for
    You can get polaroids on ebay for pretty cheap and even though it's expensive the impossible project does all types of film
    I got a polaroid for six british pounds off ebay X


  11. i want the headress. i love your blog - i think i will follow