Friday, June 22, 2012

Yo London Bloggers, Call Me Maybe?

Hey guys! So these photos were probably taken over a month ago, so they are ancient. But better late than never I guess. I just finished my math exam today, FUCK YES! That means I never have to take math EVER AGAIN in my life. I'm on cloud nince, it feels soo good.

In other new, kinda important news I guess Im going to be staying in London, England next month! I am soo excited, and nervous and ahhh! I have never left north america before so I think I am going to have a little bit of a culture shock. But its going to be so fun, I know it is.

Now I was thinking, since I am gong to be in London for a little while I would love to meet up with some of the London Bloggers that follow my blog :). I mean dont you want to meet me? Hang out maybe? Go shopping. I mean, how could you not? Look how adorable I am. Example A:

Dont I look totally cool and approachable? Well in all seriousness, I love to meet new people, and I think this would be a great opportunity to meet up :) And it would be a great way to help me find the cool spots in the city, because current knowledge of anything London related comes from movies like "What A Girl Wants." So yeah I may need some help :)

If you wanna link up, e mail me at

Hope you are all having a fabulous week. Next week on Monday I am shooting my looks for my recent fashion show. Hopefully I will be able to post about that next. But until then, keep awesome my friends!

Paolina Alexandra Russo


  1. Oh my god, that is so awesome!!!! Please tell us what you are up to in London?

  2. your outfit is gorgeous as ever I love the black lace skirt.I live in london and it would totally awesome to meet you xx

  3. Oh, I don't live in london :( I am really REALLY exited to see your collection! The one last year was really great! Maybe I can post a video of my fashion show!

  4. I'm a London blogger, wow, scary, I could confirm that I exists outside of the internet. That's just freaky. ;) Why not though!

    Can't get over your shoes, still, still. Will never, probably. Also love the flower crown. I must make one.

  5. woo hoo your coming too London.

    J x

  6. You are so freakin' cute. Have an amazing time in London, I hope you find someone to meet! They'd be silly not to want to hang out with such a doll. Your flower crown is gorgeous, and I love those shoes!

    May the force be with you.

  7. paolina, you look outstanding in your white & black lace ensemble! i like the collare details, your earrings, belt, & headband too. :) fabulous news about your upcoming london visit. i'm sure you'll have a grand time.

  8. wooow, you are so beautiful :) the outfit is amazing, especially the combination of cuteness and rock. I love collars and they look great on you... <3

    and thanks for leaving the first comment EVER on my new blog. You made my day, Paolina. <3

  9. Awu, thank you, thank you! Your look is so beautiful :)

  10. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I love your outfit! You look gorgeous, the lace and the floral headband are beautiful! It's a shame I don't live in London, you look like you'd be such a fun person to hang out with :) xx

  11. Absolutely stunning outfit and photos! So in love!! xx

  12. Amazing photos! Thank you for stopping by! xo

  13. Wow I really love your style, the photos are amazing!

    Thank you for your comment in my blog! <3


  14. I want to move to London man! Amazing outfit and have fun! I'm sure you're going to have an excellent time. Can't wait to read all about it :)

  15. oh how exciting you are going to london! you will have a blast! love all the lace in this outfit!


  16. your style is so awesome i love it all

  17. Your maths comment made me laugh! And I'll tell you what my dad said about 15 years ago when I told him I had burnt my maths books after my exam, he said- Biki you'll never run away from Maths, you can't escape it. At the time I was like, Whatever Dude. But fast forward over a decade and he was right, maths is still haunting my life in the form of tax, doing freelance accounts..Oh Shit, you don't have to worry about that shit yet, so back to fashion!
    Good to hear you are coming to my city, well my ex-ish city, I moved from London to Berlin about a year ago. Anyhoo, whoever you end up meeting permit me to tell you some things you HAVE TO DO in London fashion-wise-

    1) Spend a day in Topshop, Oxford Circus but make sure you go to the basement to check out the Peekaboo vintage collection.
    2) Go to Portobello market on a Saturday.
    3) I get a grungey vibe from you so maybe you ought to pop to Camden market too, though I personally prefer Portobello.
    4) Hang out in East London to see where the dominant creative people hang out and make sure you eat breakfast in The Breakfast Club nr Hoxton Square. Why? There is a disco ball in the loo.
    5) Go to the Tate Britain- ok that's not fashion, that's art- but aren't the two irrevocably combined...

    And p.s Soho has great bakeries if you are a cup cake lover!

    Ok that's it from moi, can't wait to see your LDN picks!

  18. I like that outfit and I like those photos,
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  19. Oh man, look at that awesome lace! So cool.
    Oh and congrats on never having to take math again!
    Wow, have a great time in london too.

  20. I like your blog! You should try to meet up with the awesome Nicole Eymard

  21. You are going to just FINE in the UK. do doubt, there. the white head wreath is new and beautiful. congrats on finishing ur math requirements. never doing math again is def one of the best perks of growing up, to date.

    x Peter