Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Does Santa Claus Do For Halloween?

Shirt/Pants/Headband;  DIY
Gloves; Dollarama

Oh Hay Der! I want to share with you guys the costume I wore for Halloween. Though I don't really classify it as a costume because I am definitely wearing this outfit again.I went as a sugar skull skeleton. Kind of lazy/cheap of me because I already had the pants and I knew I could make the top. I only really spent money on the face paint. Halloween was so much fun this year. I finally dressed up (which I rarely do for Halloween  and I snatched up all the candy in my neighborhood while trick or treating. My neighbors now know me as 'that one 16 year old that still trick or treats.' But you know what? Age is not a factor that will come between me and free candy. So they better be prepared because I am coming around next year :).

Hope you all had an amazing Halloween :) What did you guys go as?

Paolina Alexandra Russo

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  1. wow! i love this look! you look fantastic! the sugar skull makeup is great! around where i live, all my life, there has never really been any trick or treating. I hope to one day visit a country like america where more people trick or treat at Halloween.

  2. Brilliant costume, the makeup is awesome, alas I did not dress up I had the costumes just no time, November is a spooky month too mind you so may just wear it anyways x

  3. great costume! I love the last picture haha! x

  4. You were not the only one I also trick or treated ! And went as something strange I don't even know what to call it ! Anyway The skull outfit is great for school I would give it a try.. IDGAF...

    Anyway you know I l♥ve you and your titles !

  5. Cool outfit. You're really pretty (with and without the skeleton mask :P). I also like your banner with barbie's heads. Check out my porn-barbie-musicvideo here:

  6. Love the eyes border on the last photo! You look so rad! <3

  7. This is such a cool idea for a costume! The make up and headband are so pretty, loving the gif at the end too x

  8. dude your outfit is bitchin! which is totally excepted. I fuckin love your costume. seriously! i am so jealoussss

  9. I really like the flower headband, I hope it makes more appearances.

  10. you looked great! better than the teenagers i saw trick or treating in my friend's neighborhood, that were barely dressed in anything remotely resembling a costume. enjoy your youth, adulthood is seriously overrated. i was wednesday addams. as seen on the link below

  11. I didn't do anything for halloween =/ way too busy with uni work. Cute outfit AND I like how you edited these images.. more specifically, nice floral borders, I'm currently working on a poster with a shit load of flowers.

  12. This is the absolute best! I love the last pic with the crazy eyeballs!

  13. Um. I love you.

  14. hi,Paolina!

    I'm sorry for late reply...:(

    You are wonderfull♡
    Beautiful and cute!
    I love your style:)

    look forward to your Update!

    Thank you.

    love and peace.


  15. great great great i Love your blog x

  16. yes you have to wear the costume again, but not as a costume because it is awesome!! You're a babe!

  17. I want more posts from you! :)

  18. LOVE sugar skulls!

    awesome outfit

    <3 VEGA

  19. WOW how did you do the moving eyeballs??? I love your face paint homg I wish it was halloween everyday!


  20. Wow, that is so, so, so, cool, I'm jelly!
    I agree with you on the free candy :).

    Hope the sun is shining,
    Fliss xx

  21. Great blog!Love your style attitude and individuality in all your posts, a rarity in this day and age! Awesomeness x