Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Love Wool! Paolina x Fashion By Feelings/ VOTE FOR ME :)

I know what you are thinking. And Yes, that is a plastic biker jacket.

Hey Guys! Yes, it is Paolina here. Sorry for being so crappy with updating this week. The Salvation Army 2 dollar sale and VV half off sale haul post is coming soon. Everything I bought the past week has had to go through the washing machine. But everything is finally washed now so expect that  post soon.

Now on to the point of this whole post. I wanted to talk to you guys about this cool thing I have been working on (wow how generic, a 'Thing'). A few weeks ago I was contacted by the super fabulous people of Woolmark about their campaign  Fashion by Feelings. Its main idea is to educate people about wool being a natural renewable fiber and encourage them to incorporate more wool into their wardrobe. They do this through creating a kind of lookbook site where people post their wool outfits and you can vote for which one you like the best. I am totally gung-ho for their message and since practically half my wardrobe is wool (I am a hoarder of wool sweaters) there was no way I couldn't put together a cool look. I didn't want to go for just a wool sweater so I also wore a plaid wool skirt as well. You guys actually saw me in the process of figuring out what to wear for this picture a few posts back. I am really happy with how the photo turned out. It is very back to school girlish I find, which is right on time because school starts in two days. 

It would mean the world to me if you voted for my look. It takes literally 20 seconds. You just vote, put in your e-mail and stuff and voila! Done! So that would be really cool of you. The winner gets to go to Sydney  Australia which is fricken CRAZY. But nonetheless it is a great idea to support.  

So if you want to vote for me then you can click the link below.

And if you want to check out more looks, or enter the contest yourself  (which I highly encourage you to) then go to

Have a good night :) 
Paolina Alexandra Russo


  1. Ooh tartan! I love it!
    I bet you get to come to Australia because we're all about the wool here...
    I voted for you lady!
    Good luck!

  2. The skirt is perfection, I have voted, hope you win!

  3. i think your style is amazing, and what lovely shoes.

    i love your eccentricity.
    found you on teen vogue lol


  4. wow amazing outfit! i'm in love with the shoes <3

  5. paolina, you look soo punk rock with your own feminine style of fantatic-ness!

  6. coot out fit... come to sydney! i'll vote nowwwww

  7. I am totally voting for you because your the cats pajamas! Anyway, absolutely stellar! those shoes! gaah!

  8. AHHH you guys are awesome! Shmank you so much for the votes :D


  9. Good luck!! I voted for you, as I mentioned on lookbook. Btw, even if you don't win, Sydney isn't that amazing... its Melbourne you want to be at ^_~

  10. Just voted for you! Your style is amazing ^___^ So glad you commented on my blog because now i get to follow you!! :D

  11. I love tartan and you look amazing in it!


  12. You're so perfect!< Love the picture! the shoes gosh!

  13. Love this! You go thrift shopping too?! YAY! Salvation army has the best deals on vintage chicness!! You look absolutely amazing in this! (I want your shoes soo badly!)

    Lots of love,
    Minnie ^_^

  14. ugh amazing shoes and jacket! oh my word!! <3, you're make up is gorgusss whaaaaaaaaaattt, so diggin the tartan. I actually went to my friends house and found a rad tartan skirt and was like 'omg can I have this?' and then she informed me with a stare of dismay that it was infact her school skirt! Ha!

    lovely blaaagggg,,,xxxx
    luurv arexxxaa :)

  15. done and done. everything about this is incredible.

  16. WOW! SO totally awesome! LOVE IT LOVE IT! Jacket is AHmazing! You have totally inspired me! Can you check out my new blog:


  17. I love wool too! I could wear sweaters everyday but I would probably overheat. That picture is awesome and your eye makeup looks great! I've noticed your use of some bad words in recent posts and would appreciate if you would stop using them please. Thank you.
    p.s. Will you sign up to get my new magazine? There's info on my blog.

  18. I'm a sucker for tartan so thumbs up on your outfit!
    I like this edgy outfit. Nice shoes also!

  19. this look is amaaazing, I love all of the layering and how you tied the shirt around your waist! I'm inspired!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  20. Love your post on Woolmark's campaign!

  21. Voted! What an awesome voting site. The little jingly song is all in my head now. Good luck <3