Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you know what time it is? "A watch doesn't really go with this outfit, daddy." -Cher Horowitz

Spider Clip; Dollarama (yea, u heard, DOLLARAMA....meaning a dollar), Dress $4; Value Village (Half off sale), Sunglasses $2; Party Packagers, Knee Highs; Winners, Cross $7; Forever 21.

Another really quick post here. I was too busy last week with school and other blah things to post anything new, so saawwyyy. And sorry for always saying sorry for not having the time to post, but really what kind of blogger would I be if I wasn't constantly apologizing for not posting. Really....we all do it (yes, you too!). But I have missed you guys! This is what I wore today. Simple, but it has been extremely hot outside lately so I have had no choice but to wear less clothes. The dress kinda reminds me of Viktor & Rolf  Spring 2011, minus the super awesome sleeves that season. 
I will attempt to update everyday this week with what I am wearing that day. Kinda give you a look into my day to day life monday-friday. So get ready to see more off centered and blurry photos (courtesy of my dad the make-shift photographer). 

Have a good night! I know I will Clueless is on the tube.
Paolina Alexandra Russo

UPDATE Teus Sept 28th 2011: im posting todays Tuesday post on Wednesday. i am currently cramming for an Anthro test.


  1. i can see the fashion inspired reference. that movie is classic!

  2. you know i love a good clueless quote.
    and is that dress velour on top and patent leather on the bottom? fetch

  3. really amazin look!

    <3 u!

    so coo shots

  4. Ha ha i love that movie! need to find the DVD! i love that quote, I never wear a watch, i have to check my phone for the time, not cause it doesnt go with the outfit, but whatever. i hate watches. :P

    that dress is awesome! Why can't we have Value Village in Australia?

  5. Great look as always love! Work that side pony.

  6. I haven't seen "Clueless" in so long. I love this outfit. The blue is gorgeous!

  7. Great photos! Love your cross necklace.

  8. As if that's you last name? It's mine too! Excellent outfit I like your glasses.