Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY BELT NECKLACE TINGZ (The creativity of my titles never cease to amaze me)

I want to try a little DIY post for you guys. I have never done a DIY post before but I do tons of DIYs in my spare time and this one is so fast and easy I just had to share. When I was looking at the picture of the belt necklace below my first thought was, "CA'UUUTE." Then my second thought was, "I COULD TOTALLY MAKE THAT." So I did. And It literally cost me zero cash. 
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First thing you will need A BELT. Obviously. I think I've worn this belt in a few posts before but I got bored of it and thought it could be put to better use. You will also need SCISSORS and something to mark the belt with, I chose to use FABRIC CHALK but a pencil or marker will do too. You might also need a sharp NAIL and or SCREWDRIVER.
STEP 1: Wrap the belt around your neck to MEASURE how large the belt necklace should be. 
STEP 2: Make a MARK on the belt according to your measurements. CUT.
STEP 3: I CURVED the end of the belt necklace so it looked more like a belt.(if that makes sense?)
STEP 4: MEASURE the belt again on your neck and MARK where you want to put the buckle hole.
STEP 5: To MAKE A HOLE you can use the scissors but if you are having a hard time piercing through the belt you can use a nail and/or a screwdriver to pierce through. Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the belt buckle and add extra holes to make it look more "belt-y"   

^Smiles McGee over here

You could also do a bunch of thin belts and layer them up, or even a studded belt could be cool too. Or this could work for a really cool bracelet too. I think I might bedazzle this one later. The choices are endless. I think it is the perfect little accessory to add some extra edge. Kinda looks like a dog collar/ kinda harness-esque. I did this in like five minutes so I am sure you guys can do a way much better job than me. If you have any questions, or if you want to see more DIYs from me (maybe more intense DIYs, whatever floats your boat) let me know in the comments down below! 

Keep It Real!
Paolina Alexandra Russo

PS. Thanks for all the hair suggestions! I really love the idea of coloring my bangs a funky color as well as dip dying.or ombre. I am debating between green, purple, red or pink. I am even contemplating on orange.


  1. SUCH a good idea! inspiring :)

  2. Do you do any modelling Paolina? 'Cause you're GORGEOUS! Your outfits are super cool, really cult vibe-y and reflective of pop culture yada yada.. Bises, Ana (banana)

  3. LOVE this DIY so you should do alot more!!
    About your hair why not add some deep purple shades?


  4. thats really cool i think you should keep making
    these posts and it does look like a dog accessory
    but someone would be completely insane to compare
    you to one you wear it amazing :D keep it up :D

  5. Don't know if I could pull it off but I am loving this idea!! New follower!!! Check out my jewelry giveaway!!
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  6. Great idea! Love your DIY, hope to see more!

  7. I am totally stealing this asap.

  8. wow. so simple, how did no one think of this before?
    there are some serious s&m connotations going on here.

  9. Thanks guys! Im so glad you liked it. I wore it today with a collared shirt. Holy Jesus it looks good with a collared shit!


  10. This very creative. Let me know whether you like to follow each other?

  11. I've actually never seen this before. Belt's quite unique, a bit weird, but fabulous altogether!


  12. looks cool :)
    you've got amazing smile and hair ! :)

  13. that's cool but reminds me some sick perverse :P

  14. Thank you! :)
    Yes I took the pic my self!
    Ps.. That looks rad!


    Sorry. I felt like that ~typography~ was necessary. But really. It is very cool. Girl. It reminds me of choker necklaces that used to be all the rage when I was a young 'un! I liiike it. And you have very nice teeth. Just saying.

    P.S. I emailed you last week regarding WHEN ARE WE MEETING UP? Yeah.

  16. It creative invention, belt necklace.

  17. ahh been so into chokers lately and anything that cuff the neck... need to find the perfect belt for this now!


  18. What a great idea,your so creativa.
    although I would feel uncomfortable wearing a belt collar.

    Thanks for your sweet comment amor.

  19. wow that is really interesting! :)

  20. I'm happy you liked my magazine! Is the inspiration belt necklace Mcqueen? It looks cool.

  21. pretty cool

    now, check this out:


  22. easy as that, eh! I kind of really dig this, might try it to wear with collared shirts, etc
    Thanks for the idea!

  23. love this! when i was younger i did this with a thin black belt with riveted holes all along it!

    I'm just starting blogging myself, and I've been talking about DIY. would you mind if I link to this post at all?

    my blog is:

    i'd really love it if you checked it out.

  24. That looks so cool and its super easy for an ADD prone one like myself! I will definitely have to give it a go :)

  25. That looks amazing! I love the idea of a studded belt one over a shirt collar :D I've got a whole load of vintage belts/straps i was thinking of doing something similar with actually! Definitely do more DIYS!

  26. what an amazing idea!!!!!!! ill try it!!!

    xoxo dear! :)

  27. amazing.... following you! I've seen your tumblr and I loved it! so sexy and fashion... here's my blog

  28. Nice D.I.Y, it looks great! I like the idea of you studding it and such.

  29. look what i just found on tumblr!

  30. such a good idea! But I haven't got belt to cut! lol

  31. Yes! This is AWESOME! Especially cuz I have a bunch of belts that are too big for my waist and too small for my hips. Dang hourglass figure!

    I'm totally gonna make bracelets with them.

    By the way, your creation here looks a-mazing.

  32. Rad idea. I like the gold necklaces you wear with it :)