Saturday, August 13, 2011

MS. Fitz and Life Thinking and Tumblr oh my!

I love bloggers these days. They are not only people who dress well, but who create amazing things too and there is no exception when it comes to the lovely and talented Ms.Fitz. I have mentioned her in a previous post for the Avant Gaurdians feature about me on her blog. (super thank-you's to all of you who checked it out). And most recently she contacted me with a preview with her ss2012 collection of accessories.  I am a girl who loves her jewelry, as you can tell by the massive amounts of jewelry I hang on my body in each post so obviously I was excited to share this with you guys. Personal favorites are the Bling Ear to Nose clip and the Notted Wonder necklace with skulls. You can check out the rest of the collection here.

This got me thinking about what I want to do with my "future". I dont like using the f word a lot because I do not know what my future will entail (just like every other human being on this earth). But the reason i bring it up is because one of my dream jobs would be to become a jewelry designer of sorts. Or a designer. Or a stylist. Or something to do with fashion and art. The kid inside me says "OMFG THAT IS SO FREAKIN FRACKIN COOL DO IT," but the 65 year old bitchy woman in me says that it is impractical (I am not implying 65 year old women are bitchy, just the one inside my head). Very confusing I know but I will have to decide on what sort of path to take within the next two years. Ahhh scary. I want to know your thoughts though. If you are someone around my age what do you want to do in the future? And if you are older and have gone through all of this confusing decision making already how did you decide? 

In other news I have made two attempts of taking photos for a new post this week. Both have failed miserably. But there is always a silver lining to every sob story. I ended up creating a tumblr account to let out all that creative frustration. So if you have tumblr and you want to follow  my tumblr is :

If you have a tumblr I will probably follow you back. I just started so i want to see what everyone else is doing so I can get the gist of things. Also I am only following 5 blogs currently and am getting bored of them already so i want some fresh meat to start re blogging off of. 

I will attempt to take more photos tomorrow, and hopefully if they turn out you will be seeing them soon. :)

Paolina Alexandra Russo :)


  1. Just followed your tumblr :) Yes, Ms. Fitz work is amazing. Nice to see a fellow Australian out there doing amazing stuff. Hmm, well I have to tell you the confusion about what you want to do in the future seriously does not stop when you get slightly older. I'm 20 and I'm STILL confused, as are most of the people I know, and a lot of them are even older than me.

    But as for me, I was tossing up between doing Journalism and Graphic Design at Uni. I went to his Journalism Career Seminar thing and it kind of sealed the deal for me, it totally turned me off so I decided I was going to try and get into Graphic Design. Plus, I don't think I could just do theory based projects for 3 years, I needed to do something that was visually creative.

    My other dreams are still to be a stylist, or magazine art director or something. Don't ever lock yourself into one career path, even if you study a particular field, the doors are always open to do other things. Good luck deciding what to do!

  2. Wow love the skull necklace, I am 26 and still have yet to get my dream job. My aim is to create and have my own shop and preferably restore an old cinema. I think it is important to never give up on what you want to do, you are young so you have plenty of time to make decisions. x

  3. Aaah, the f word. I had/have the same bitchy lady inside of me but decided to go to fashion school anyways. Your dreams are never going to "go away", they'll just nag at you louder with time, so might as well be brave and go for it now. Also, fashion is not as impractical as society would have us believe. Look at Ms.Fitz' jewelry line or your blog, both started out small and grew into success! I have no doubt that with your passion and talent any career you choose would be the same...and I would definitely love to get my hands on some of your designs. The world needs your brand of creativity!

  4. LOOOOOVVVEEEE her nose to ear chain.

  5. she is so tallented! i love her style, she remind me Madona! Have you the same advice?

  6. I am older, and I decided what to do with my life when I found something interesting enough to go to college for. I did that for 16 years, then I lost my job. Now I am deciding again.

    Sometimes you get to do more than one thing with your life. :-) So if you choose one thing and then find you need or want to choose something else, that's okay.

  7. Lady, do what you WANT to do, because I promise you you'll end up doing it anyways. If you decide to take the practical route and become an accountant, that just means you'll be starting your fashion career 10 years later than you could have. So follow your heart. Plus, you're super creative and I have faith you will be a success!

  8. I am going to write a post on my blog that answers your question becuase it would be a really long comment, And when are you gonna tell us bout your savage beauty experince!?! I like the rainbow chain necklaces! Also I don't think you should use the F word and I don't mean Future.

  9. I will go check ur tumblr account asap...about future and jobs I will just tell you that if you find the job you wanna do then you would not work a single day in your life!
    Got wat I'm saying?


  10. Congrats on a tumblr account!

    Whatever you choose to do, make sure it's something you love! Don't feel rushed or like you want to impress people with what you do. Just make sure that you love it!

  11. Wow, must say... I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Your style is amazing! Congratulations on such a wonderful blog :). Be proud of it!

  12. Freaking awesome jewellery!
    Hon,I still have no idea what I want to do.....!!! Don't feel pressured,don't panic!
    If it's gonna come,it'll come!
    You're just too fabulous to worry!

  13. Hi Paolina! Just got your blog comment - you can vote once every day until September 16th!! Thank you for your support.

  14. I actually just stumbled across your blog through her post on you, both your styles are really exciting!

    as for the future ~ im about to finish up my last year a art school and I have NO idea what the next year will bring, for real! I've been making and selling accessories for six years or so but I just can't figure out how to 'get anywhere' with that! My laziness/partying is probably a big part of it, though. For now im just saving up so I can take some risks on my work in those 6 months before I gotta start paying my loans back!

    Biggest Risks = Greatest Rewards, no matter what people tell ya.

  15. ps. just be a stylist! you're totally cut out for it!

  16. AHH i love you guys! I have been like reading these over and over the past few days, you guys are really big motivators. I am always a person who likes to take chance. So hopefully my risks in the future will pay off. And I look at it as life, It is meant for living. It is meant for mistakes. It is meant for fun and I dont want to waste my time doing otherwise.

    and NotsoChiara your comment "find the job you wanna do then you would not work a single day in your life!" made me laugh so hard. That would be good wouldnt it. But I dont know if I could just do nothing, I really need something to stimulate my needs to create.

    and Ben I will mention that in a post soon, i totally forgot !!!!


  17. love ur crazy...come check out my blog if ur bored of the

  18. be yourself! the world will love you more for it. i do a bunch of different things atm - write, make jewellery, blog; i also work in a food shop as well as an arts/crafts shop for money. taking the creative path may not make you rich at first, but that shouldn't stop you. it's a tough business to be in, but if you are passionate about it, and see yourself at the top of your game one day, then by all means don't give up!!! also, as someone who is a bit older than you my advice is to keep from burning bridges with people; especially those in creative fields. you never know where opportunities may arise ;)