Monday, July 25, 2011

Jesus is The New Black/Where it All Began/Happy 1Year Calur Villade!!!/ Multiple Title Syndrome

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Virgen De Guadalupe Patch; Courage My Love, Crown; DIY, Cross necklace; Forever 21, everything else is vintage, thrift or found objects.

July 25th. The day this blog began (dramatic opening, I think so). On this day one year ago I made my very first post on my blog Calur Villade. Argg it was an awkward, shitty post to say the least and though I am super reluctant to give you a link to the page I will because you can search it on my archives anyways. So here it is. You happy?!

ANYWAY, today is the one year anniversary of my little blog being on the interwebs. Aww they’re always so cute when they hit one. I wanted to do something special relating to my first post ever so I shot the photos for this post where I shot my first post, at the front gate of my backyard. (I also incorporated the pink scarf I wore in that post too, I’m cool like that) At the time I thought my style was truly outrageous and was scared of my neighbors seeing me. So like the outfit conscious girl that I was I hid in the condiments of my backyard covered by trees and what not. But boy have things changed. I spent some time looking through the progress of my blog, how I’ve grown with what I post and it is totally mind boggling. I know that girl one year ago would never in a million years think she’d end up like me. But I am happy she did. I have learned so much the past year; not just through my blog and who I have met here but life outside my blog (yes bloggers can have lives too).

And now to you guys! (I have saved the best for last) I know you’re probably sick of hearing this, I say it all the time but I seriously love you all! This blog could not happen without the support you all have given me the past year. Whether you are old or new to my blog when you pressed that follow button you added more fuel to my drive to do cooler and better things. And your comments crack me up. It is so awesome that even if I was having a bad day, when I come home and check my blog you guys have nothing but love and insight. I’m going to stop myself now before I start sounding like a cheesy hallmark card or something to summarize this I love u guys x 10000000000000000000000000000.

Have a great day
Paolina Alexandra Russo

PS omg it’s the 25th meaning my birthday is in a few days!!!!! 16 aww yeaa. Yay presents! (that I will never get but can only dream of) I’ll make a birthday wish list post soon J

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  1. Oh my goodness, I looooove every single picture you have up here. You are fucking gorgeous and insanely innovative and creative. Where did you get such genius from? XD

    lovelovelove <3333

  2. cool blog!!:)

  3. Your blog is so fuckin AWESOME ! LOVE Love IT !

  4. Love your blog, been looking at some past posts, it really has grown into something amazing! How did you get to this point a year on?

  5. gosh your blog is AHMAYZING! love the Issey Miyake skirt in the photos below! (I am a bit of an Issey freak) hopefully I'll be doing outfit photos on my blog in september LOVE the renaissance catholic art vibes here :)

  6. awesome photos!!

  7. Amazing!! I love these photos. And congrats/happy 1st blog-aversary!
    And thank you for the comment on my blog. :)

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

    so good!!
    and 16? how are you so young?!

  9. <3 u dear

    u re amazin!

    happy bday btw!


  10. can't believe I only just found your blog! It's amazing, I love your style of writing!

    Thanks for commenting- I'm not a model YET, but I've been scouted lots and am in talks with an agency atm :)

    I'm following you for sure!


  11. Wow!!Beautiful looks!!!

    Thanks for commenting ;)
    Its not a matter of wanting to see them live but NEEDING to!!! Arent they fab?!


  12. your style is so amazing! You just look so great!

  13. beautiful :)
    like a princess ,beautiful .

    follow each other ? if you already following me , i'll follow you back :)

  14. Gorgeous!
    I love your style **

    Lady Fashion, OUI?
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  15. those photos from today are wow, amazing! old blog post outfit i think is cute. i was totally laughing about the screw it do it, & clink lemonade glasses instead of alcohol.

  16. Thanks for passing by and leaving your link girl. Your blog is wicked cool, very original. Looks like you have come very far in a year. I have till October till my blog reaches 1 year old. And you are so young! Get it!


  17. Amor,I am love with you!
    Your so cute and fashionably gorgeous.
    I have been thinking of doing a virgen de Guadalupe outfit. I bought a gold crown just like yours. about my flower hat, I bought a cheap sailor hat and just pin flowers to it.
    thanks for stopping by.

  18. Amazing pictures! Love your style. Thank you for your comments.. Following you now.. Would be great if you follow me too:-)
    Ask Erena

  19. Great, very interesting and unique photos. Your sense of style is so refreshing in the blogosphere!

    The Internet Garbage

  20. This is SO creative! I would love to do something like this!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, ill definitely be following you so we can keep tabs on each other's blogs!


  21. cool!

  22. Congratulations on your one year anniversary and thank you for commenting on my blog, mainly because it has allowed me to find yours! You are amazingly creative and inventive, I look forward to seeing more :)

  23. Omg great photos- dreamlike!
    Follow u now ♥♥ if you like, follow
    back my blog!

  24. Ah now following!
    Your blog seems so fun, and different!
    Follow me?


  25. Hey! Thanks for your comment :)
    My sister is four years old.

    This is a amazing post!

  26. wah YOU ARE AMAZING. SUCH A VISIONARY. I LOOOVE IT. Can you please do a vlog? PLEASE? I don't know why, but I'd love to see you in motion and talking. (Not just an awesome gif, baha.)

    And happy one year! We adore you too!

  27. Lady I can't believe you've only been at this for a year. I can't wait to see what the future brings!

    Also, Happy birthday to you and your blog!

  28. in love with that outfit. you can never have enough accessories. happy birthday! (and to your blog of course)

    much love-

  29. I freakin love this!! This is sooo sweet. i am soo happy that I found your blog!! This totally awesome and every way.Your blog is awesome you are awesome.. I just love it. I am now following you! Also because you are so awesome I am giving a shout to you and others on my blog!!!
    xoxo asiahlynn.

  30. Congratulations! in your one year of blogging! you have done amazing!! I love it! first time here! I love your photos! they are so cool and fun! I think is very refresing to see something new! following of course.xx

  31. P.S I love the Virgen the Guadalupe outfit as a mexican I'm very proud lol

  32. This gif is sooo coool! and Congrats! xoxo

  33. This is one of your best posts! and your post are awsome!

  34. omg im dying you look crazy amazing and that virgen de guadalupe necklace!!

  35. AHHH! OMG 41 comments?!?!??! This is the most comments I have ever got on a post eva! U GUYS ARE FREEAKKKIN AWESOME! And your comments are awesome too :P

    @DukeofDeliMeats: i guess I was born that way ;)

    @EighteenGramsofGlitter: I really have no idea. It started out slow and then all of a sudden my style drastically changed and here we are now. I think it us due to way too much shopping or something

    @Elixie: I don't feel young. Sometimes I feel like a 50 year old woman stuck in a 16 year old body

    @Rachel: Friendly Fires are supa dupa fab. Im listening to Hawaiin air right now

    @LEXY: I so should do a vlog. though I am totally unaware of what i sound and look like when I talk. you know like when you listen to your voice on the answering machine and it sounds weird? but ill toally do a vlog

    ill make sure to reply to all your comments, but it may take some time so hang in there :)

  36. awesome photos.. I've been browsing through all of them on your blog and you're quite an artist.. really really incredible stuff.. glad I found your blog.. stay cool!

  37. You are so amazing!! you looklike a beautiful princess

  38. WOW!!! wonderful photos ! i like your blog.