Friday, July 8, 2011

House Of Drama/ I Heart The Fashion Turd/ Update

I was lounging around in my backyard on my laptop this morning looking through the Teen Witch Fan Club blog  when I came across the most amazing photos. Like i cant explain my love for the styling of the people in these images. Layer! Pattern! Colour! Love! And these aren't the only ones there are tons more pictures of these people in crazy ass styling. I don't know what the House of Drama is, but i know its awesome so go check out the link. (slash, if anyone knows what the House of Drama is other than an amazing tumblr blog let me know, because i am really interested)

I'm currently preparing to shoot some pictures so expect an outfit post soon. I know I have been shitty with updating this week but I have been working on a few projects which you will see soon.

One of these projects was working with the lovely and talented Holly Reverse of The Fashion Turd. She interviewed me for her blog. You guys can check out the interview HERE.

And on my final note a big warm welcome to all me new followers! Thank you for following.  And a special thanks to Holly for linking them to me, girl you're the best.

Have a great day,
Paolina Alexandra Russo


  1. Oh my, the extravagance of these photos are crazy. It's like you can't just look at it once. There's just so much detail involved. Thanks for sharing!

  2. yes! exactly! you have explained it perfectly.

  3. I love the one where she's holding a violin!

  4. I looked at the tumbler and LOVE the SHOES! There are some made of soup cans, one made of candles, tape. There was even a pair shaped like rinoes! And the floral ones Egor is wearing here are great and reminiscent of armadillo shoes! The rest of the clothes are wonderful too.

  5. hurhrkrkrkrk those photos ohmylord i need to check those out.

    have you seen the going places editorial from t magazine? it reminds me of your style :)

  6. isabel: yea! that one is my favourite too. i love her rose crown

    ben: the shoes were CA-RAZYY INSANE AMAZING and beyond!

    giorgia: i love love love that editorial! thank you! i remember seeing it a while back and thinking 'THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I WANT TO DRESS EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!'lol :p

  7. GREAT pix!!! Inspirational!
    I just read your interview at The Fashion Turd(of deliciousness)! I wish I had been one tenth as frigging aware,articulate and just bloody awesome as you when I was 15.I'm blown away by your amazing style and general fabulous!Bless the Turd for bringing you to my attention!
    Go hard.And harder.

  8. yes! : D and I'm really impressed how the new materials are used!

  9. helga! thank you :P i will. i will go harder!
    RA i knoww uhgggg i havnt felt that excited about a collection in forever

  10. those pix are stellar!