Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Electric Chapel: Part 5

I'm done school! Grade ten is finally checked off my list of shizz i gotta do. Cheers to a very vlogitty Summer! Here is the fifth look from my collection that i was showing you guys a few weeks ago. Give me your feedback-feedback oh!

If you wanna check out a vid Rogers television did about our school's fashion show here's the link:
Unionville Fashion Show - Richmond Hill - Rogers TV
You'll see a few of my looks in the vid including me modeling (ahh). Also you will see this dress, and you will notice it is slightly different. The model had a neck piece on that was attached to the dress, which looked amazing! But sadly i had to cut her out of it at the end of the show meaning i couldn't show what the dress is supposed to look like in these photos, so check out dat link!
 So what have i been up to the past few weeks? Well other than studying my ass off for exams I went to the MMVAs! (Much Music Video Awards) with some friends. I was there at the red carpet and got snapped for a few fashion segments.
Not the freshest photo of me, i was in line for like 7 hours by the time they took this photo, but I really love that outfit. I'm going to post proper pictures of it later next week.
I also did a segment for a Much Music show called #trending, but I am unaware if and or when that video will be up so ill let you guys know when I find out.

Calur  Villade will be going under construction for the next week. I have a lot of fun things planned for the summer with my blog, and I have been dying to change the design and format of the blog for ages. And I finally have the time so if you see some weird things, don't be alarmed it's just me messing around.

Hope you all are well!

Paolina Alexandra Russo


  1. fifteen?! you're way too editorial to be fifteen. Your designs, styling and shoots are incredible girl.

    ps. can you post a how to tutorial for the running-mascara-on-steroids look? i'm intrigued.

  2. Wow your so pretty and i love your outfit!

  3. Speaking of summer and other things, your outfit reminds me of a pokemon!

  4. Thank you guys.

    and the visual jerbil
    lol, Yes im fifteen :P
    and sure ill try

  5. I would really shake your hand if I could, so consider me doing it virtually, I like you blog very much, keep doing your best : )


  6. 7 hrs in line? ya i can only dream of looking so good (bah).

  7. i LOVE your photographs. The lighting in these are particularly genius; the colors are perfection <3

  8. I can't decide whether I like this or the blue stone and spiderweb headdress better! I want them both! I almost cannot believe you are this amazing a designer and just 15! Way better than Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl! Ha ha! You probably get tired of people saying they can't believe you are this great at this age, so sorry if you are!