Monday, May 30, 2011

Two words: Electric Chapel Part 1

Hey CalurVilladians. (I'm trying to figure out a name for all my blog followers. Any ideas?) Everyday this week I will be posting one of the five outfits I designed and created for my school's fashion show last week which will eventually lead up to the long waited NYC/ Alexander McQueen post. I know you guys have been wanting to see that for ever, but you'll just have to wait a little bit longer :). This look is one of the more casual looks I had in the collection. I had been contemplating on how I could still keep my style as the hot weather approached (a weather that does not mesh well with all my layering). There really is nothing like a shirt with cross' on the boobs. And to top it all off a halo! You gotta love that! If you guys have any questions about the outfit shoot em at me. Ill be glad to answer them for you. Hope as is well! And hello new followers!

Paolina Alexandra Russo


  1. you rule, my friend. I'm hoping you eventually wore this out on the town and got some hilarious feedback from the non-getters.

  2. incredibly beautiful as a twisted mother of christ...looking forward to all of the posts this week...and to getting your answers too.... enjoy not being in school!

  3. This is basically awesome. Crosses on boobs? Why the heck not? This is quite Gaga. I love it.

    And yeah- layering and heat is soooo annoying! Tsch, weather, how could you.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the other stuff!

  4. Thanks guys!
    Jerbil: nahh a lot of people love it. havnt got any feedback from my school, but when I hit the mall there were some funnies
    fashion turd: lol thanks, and Im still in school. our year ends at the end of june so i still have a little more left to go
    hvit: the hot weather isnt too bad, but the humidity is the biggest bitch


  5. I love this. I just really really love this. You're so awesome.

  6. Hi Paolina! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your collection! And those halos? I NEED them - all of them!!

  7. I here lil monsters is already taken..

  8. that halo is phenomenal! basically the whole outfit is.

  9. I have to say, I have been looking through so many blogs recently for inspiration, and there is barely anything I find that is inspiring as your style! It just seems to organic and natural and also so glamourous and out there! Your sense of style is so amazing! I love these clothes you designed, I would be proud to wear any of them! I totally covet your headdresses! Also your Tumblr totally inspires me! I love the way you mix styles together in ways others don't! keep it up!