Monday, February 7, 2011

Oops!...I Did It Again Part 2


rawr I am a tiger; PAWS UP

Happy Monday! I've been home all day today sick, bed ridden and bored out of my mind. And unable to go to the Value Village sale today. So when you mom says wear a scarf you should listen, or you'll end up like me! :(
I took these photos last week. I think I wore this outfit on Friday? hmmm I don't remember, all of this coughing has lead to massive memory loss and confusion. The outfit consists of many things, so this might be a long list:
Sheer black top, sandals and scarf tied around hair bun; thrifted
Patterned dress, velvet skirt; Mom's 80s closet
ruffle skirt; made by a friend
Belt; estate sale
Bracelets; pipe cleaners from the dollar store
ribbon to connect belt; Fabric Land
tights; gift (probably from Ardene's)
Hair headband (used as necklace) and cat earnings; no idea

the makeup is just white eyeliner scribbles all over my face, and black eyeliner for the eyes and eyebrow lines. It is kind of Black Swan inspired

This weekend I revisited some of my childhood favorite movies. (Princess Bride, The Little Mermaid, Spice World etc). But the best one by far was Labyrinth, so I leave you with the trailer (you guys should revisit it too).



  1. so rockin! love the hair necklace

  2. woo black swan!
    you are brilliant. period.

  3. love the braided necklace
    might try that, I think it would look great with a collared shirt

  4. I love the headband worn as a necklace. It's almost sorta creepy.

  5. I love this.
    I love the outfit and the makeup.
    You are very creative!!

  6. I'm really glad you commented because now I've found your blog! It's really beautiful, I absolutely love your style and makeup.

  7. You were right! I really like your blog :) your crazy layer outfits are brilliant and so is your eye makeup (not just at this post, I checked the older ones too) and one last thing that I have to say is that you are really talented (I mean that pastel paint of you is amazing!)
    I'm definitely following you now! Be glad if you decide to follow me too:)

  8. amazing makeup! love all the shots

  9. Wow I love your outfit. It's amazing! It is so cool that you found all of these articles of clothing and put them together and BAM! you have a super amazing outfit that I really am obsessed with.

  10. i love you guys! thank you for the comments, you guys are great!


  11. love the hair headband as a necklace and your makeup ideas are banging. i have a big smile on my face now