Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Queen Of the Night 2.0

I have too much blue in my closet, I do not know what to do with it all. Blue sweaters, Blue dress', blue suede shoes. I need to find another colour to hoard. This is one of the many blue sweaters I have. It used to be bigger until it accidentally got mixed the laundry (I usually hand wash and dry it) and it shrunk 4 sizes.

Ma Jewelz

I did not get clothes this Christmas, but instead a contract stating that to have new clothes I will have to throw out old pieces. And since throwing away my old clothes is not in my agenda of tasks I want to fulfill I decided to do otherwise: start recycling things I do not wear into something I will wear. In conclusion creating one skirt out of three, I now have two open spaces in my closet which equals shopping this weekend! Hell yes.


And Happy New Year to everyone, I hope your holidays were magical. Too bad its over.....blah


  1. You have such a pretty smile!

  2. What a gorgeous picture of you smiling! I think you must be a bowerbird with all of your blue hoarding.

    Did the rings arrive yet? I sent them forever ago!

  3. Happy 2011! nice swaeter sorry about it shrinking.

  4. Love this post,
    really gorgeous and creative
    hope u can check out my blog.


  5. wowww your eyebrows are so bedazzled! love itt x x x