Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm supposed to be studying right now

Last minute cramming for a math exam tomorrow. But I find my self procrastinating by roaming through everyone of Fred Butler's collections. In the simplest of terms I heart her and her work.

 Video Stills of Sunshowers via

 Hope you are all having a great Monday!


  1. I'm supposed to be studying too but instead I am reading posts on blogs! I do stuff like rhat all the time. I get my math homework out and look at the first question and knotice how dusty my shelf is and I will clear it off and dust it. Then I stay up all night doing the homewqork I should have done erlier.

  2. Amazing! I am supposed to be studying right now. :)


  3. i was a lucky girl and got to interview Fred Butler a few weeks ago for hopefully the vid will be up soon so il send you the link