Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Busy Painting and Exam Studying/Old Photo and Tired Old Me

This is an ancient photo of me, back from the holidays before a Christmas party my friend had. Its weird because I look a lot different right now then from this picture (style wise). But this picture will have to act as a place holder for now. I wish I could do a proper post this week but my life has been drowned with work and painting and studying. I have a summative painting due this Friday worth 30% of my final grade. stress, Stress, STRESS. I will probably take a picture of it later when it is done, but it is just a boring still life. Ew. I have been painting the same teapots and flowers for the last few weeks. If i have to paint another goddamn flower Im going to gouge my eyes out.
But on a lighter note I am pleased to inform you that a lot of cool stuff is coming up this month. There is not much I can say now, but when it comes its gonna be gooood. (Trust.)
And some cool outfit things too. I have basically blown all of my Christmas money already on clothes. I have been trying so hard to save up for a trip to New York with my art class coming up later this year. So I honestly have to find some restraint.
I cant wait for this semester to be done. Next semester is my "easy semester," that only includes one exam which is for science. Fashion and Art will be fun and Civics and Careers (i don't know of you have to take that course when you are in high school where you live, but in Canada it is a mandatory course) is easy breezy.
I want to say hello to my new followers! How are you? Where you from,  i want to know who you all are
New Post Friday. Probs Saturday

 I now leave you to the soothing sounds of the Talking Heads. This was my summer song a few years ago....i really need summer warmth right now


  1. just curious...who is/are your favorite artist(s)??

  2. The sequin/beaded top is like a top I have.


  3. umm its hard to pick my favorite artist, but I am really in love with this one artist Winni Truong. She makes these huge (like 6 feet tall) pencil crayon portraits and are absolutely beautiful. They are so detailed and always have a twist. Search her up
    this is one of my favorite pieces by here


    I just cant even believe it is all in pencil crayon, it's amazing it must have took forever.

  4. wow she is talented. the faces remind me a little bit of john currin's stuff! (if you don't know him google him) here's a really cool art blog i love. has a lot of cool stuff: