Saturday, December 4, 2010

Was I always such a cool kid?

To answer that question.....yes.

 These pictures are from forever ago land, a time where I was more cute and people used to buy me things. And by the judge of how I dressed then, I guess things never change. Anyway new post tomorrow (trying to finish a history essay which I didn't realize would take me so long. I am still not done so new post on Monday) with outfit and art things. Have a great night.



  1. You were so cute! You totally look the same still.

  2. these baby photos are adorable!!!

  3. What a cool kid! Also, I'm going through and creeping on all your old stuff. But hey, it's a blog.

  4. Have you noticed how similar the picture of you as a fairy on the stairs and your post with the wedding dress and bouquet (on the same stairs, if I'm not mistaken) are? Pretty funny :P