Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She’s a mess She’s a mess Now the girl is stressed....attack of the camera whore

 My hair has become so stubborn lately. I am trying to grow it out, but it has gotten to that awkward middle stage between short and long. For the past few days I was so fed up I just put it in a bun on top of my head. And there is nothing like a scrunchy to top off a high bun. And with being the smart person that I am and  anticipating a lot of high buns in my future , I made a whole bunch of scrunchies last night with some scraps of fabric. So look forward to seeing more of those! Now onto generic posing and the mess that is my room:
I might need to clean up a bit...what do you think?
It was 7:14 pm when I took this shot and it is already dark as midnight outside. Go winter in Canada....

"These aren't spirit fingers.....THESE ARE SPIRIT FINGERS" (Bring it on reference)
 Everything is thrift except for the socks which are from H&M,and the Dress which I made from last years fashion show at my school, and I also wore it to the Lady Gaga concert this past summer. I am wearing it a little differently though, wearing it backwards, but to see what it looks like the other way around check out this post here. Also the gray skirt I am wearing underneath the dress was made by my friend Brock Tremblay.

So this was the outfit I wore today. I didn't go to school yesterday because I was sick (like always) so when I came back today people looked at me like I was some sort of alien or something? Like is there something on my face? But in all seriousness I do get a lot of stares in my day to day outings. And all though I do go to an art school that has many "crazies," (as people will call us) there are those skeptics. The sad thing is as much as our school is one of the most tolerant schools in the area, I still see tons of ignorance. But I just laugh at it. It's entertaining. I love to see people shocked like someone just blasted a blow horn in their ear. I remember this one time, while I was on an escalator in a mall trying to get to the bus, where I made a lady fall over due to looking at me. I hardly remember what I was wearing that day, all I do recall is that we were going up the escalator and as i got onto the escalator she was near the top. She was so preoccupied staring at what ever "outrageous" thing I was wearing that she didn't notice that the escalator was nearing its end. This in turn made her stumble, flailing her arms around making a huge embarrassment out of herself. There was an odd sound coming out of her mouth to accompany her tumble, it was sort of a mix between "blaaaahhh" and "aburgaaaahh."
Now listen up kids! There is a big difference between noticing and staring. At least with noticing it is a little more subtle. A little point or nod at the direction of whatever you are looking at, whispering, "look at that." That is much better than dropping your grocery bags and full on staring, with mouth wide open. Trust me, people start to notice ;)   
Awesome stuff I got from the Value Village Sale!

 Yay! Two tone lips!

 So the look I wore today reminded me a lot of Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 RTW line. With the high bun, scrunchies, the collar and the colours. So I decided to do the makeup as well, to get that full on creepy doll/ballerina look.The only thing I really needed was some white face powder which would have been awesome, but I was really happy with what I ended up with, especially with my limited amount of makeup.

Images: Style.com

Hope you guys have a Tremendous Tuesday!


  1. very bold.. but inspiring. Valentino gone wild ~~


  2. I love your outfit! Its so creative! AND I love the Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 reference!

  3. love the way you put this outfit together with the tulle. looks great

  4. Haha, your comments made me smile :) Thank you all!