Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hoboness and tiredness and almost falling to my deathness! ahh and yes I do realize that some of these photos are a little embarrassing to say the least...

So this is what I wore yesterday. For some reason it was dark outside at like 6 o clock, like it's almost winter or something? (these are the jokes people, yes I am well aware that it is almost winter). This meant i had to take my pictures inside, meaning they were bound to turn out crappy. I do know what it is about my house, but when I take photos in there they look so fuzzy. Maybe its the lighting, but regardless of that i decided to take these photos on a ledge at my staircase. Now I am very uncoordinated, so me taking pictures from a high place is not the best idea. But luckily, even though i though i might fall i succeeded in not doing that. Anyway enough with my lame story, here are some more photos...  

 I was very mysterious with this hat on all day, where no one could see my eyes or see what I was staring at. A little bit creepy but I love it
 So yes I do wear the same shoes almost everyday. My mom calls me a one shoe wonder. But it is not true at all! I have tons of shoes, but i just cling onto one pair that i like, and I outwear them until they break. That's how it works with me. But as time goes on you will see more of my shoe collection appear in posts. Just not this one ;P
 That is what I call a very chic pose...;<-insert sarcasm here

 Hat: Value Village
 Gloves were a gift from my aunt ages ago, and they are Nine West
 Necklaces; Thrift
 Pin; Gift from a friend and the skirt and brown vest are both thrift.
 Yellow Dress; Vintage
 Beige fishnets; Winners

 So if you have wondered what I have been doing this past week, it hasn't been much except for finishing my house assignment for art along with numerous sketches of ears, eyes, noses and mouths. Way cool,
The worst rendering of mouths, I know, but truuust they did not look like this in the end.
Have a Tofu Thursday!


  1. I am the same way with shoes haha x

  2. I do love your style, the way you mix clothes is always surprising, fun and chic. The yellow top is amazing !