Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Backyard Fever

I feel like I say this a lot on my blog, but I am sick again. And as much as I want to say it is because of something cool, like someone bet me 100 dollars to go dive into the local pond. And as I succeeded with winning the bet I got a slight fever from the extreme cold temperatures of the water. But see I didn't dive into a pond in the middle of November.  What I did do though was take pictures of the outfit I was wearing yesterday in my backyard without a jacket. And due to the nature of my immune system not being strong enough to battle through 5 degree weather, I am now sick. But it is nothing a little soup and sleep wont cure. And now that I think of it, I must really not know what cool is because when and where would it ever be cool to win a bet by diving into a pond? Nowhere...but anyway here is the reason I am sick.........(for the people who have not read though my story I am talking about the outfit you see now before you )

 These next photos were actually taken after those first few photos, just with a different camera setting. Which one do you guys like better? And can you spot the difference between the first photos and these photos? There is no prize to this game, just the warm feeling inside of knowing you succeeded in spotting the difference.

 Ahh! My hair actually got stuck in the tree :S This was a sign, meaning that my hair is now too long and I must cut it.
 I went to an estate sale this weekend with my mom and my best friend and picked up this sweater as well as more cool things. 
Textures tights; Winners
Purse also from the estate sale I went to this weekend. They were basically giving out clothes for free which was awesome. I have discovered that when it comes to estate sales, they don't really care for the clothes. They will just give clothes away to you for free, because what the sales people are really interested in selling are the furniture, which was great for my friend and I because we got probably maybe 20 bags of all shapes and sizes!

 Earrings and Pin; Thrift (side note: please excuse the pimples on my forehead, I am such a hormone-ridden teen)
Super cool shell necklace from Value Village. 

Everything else I am wearing in this post is basically thrift or from my mom's "80s clothes" or from the estate sale. Now I am going to finish my history homework, read a book, eat some soup and sleeeeeppppp!

Hope you had a talkative Tuesday!


  1. I am so obsessed with embroidery and I love the whimsical pattern on your jumper. Really like ur tights too!

  2. My favorites are the pictures taken with the flash.

  3. thank sweety!!!
    your knit is for to dead........love it!!
    see you around here.