Thursday, October 14, 2010

So many little time

Ahhh! So my Internet has been a little wonky lately. It is finally kinda fixed, so hopefully nothing crashed while I write this, that would not help the already bad day I am having. Anyway, I have had my aunts camera for the past several days and I have been taking a mass amount of photos. Maybe too many photos. Too bad they take freaking forever to upload! I was up all night waiting for these ginormous files to upload themselves onto my computer, until I realized that the camera was not even on....great. Technology confuses me. But I will try to post the collection of them over the course of the next few days. This first batch is from the outfits I wore to my cousins wedding last weekend. It was a huge Italian wedding, meaning we needed one outfit for church and one for the reception, which meant more shopping for me. So here is what I wore.....

 I love this dress! I love this colour! The wedding was such an array of grey and brown and black. There wasn't really any intensity in the colour people's clothes were, and I was happy to break that. You could defiantly spot me in the family photo. I got the dress when I went to Halifax earlier this year. The vintage shopping there was amazing! Especially when it came to vintage hats, they had every hat from every time period, all shapes and sizes. I almost had  a heart attack. I immediately spotted this garment on the rack in a store called Dressed In Time (I think that's what it was called) and I knew it was for me. Although I wore it very simply, just the dress and a few accessories, i just couldn't take away from the overall beauty of the fabric and the way it moved by layering over top of it. Not to mention that it was a boiling hot day!

 Paws Up!

 Wind is this dress' best friend.

Now for the second dress of the night (for the reception). I'm sad that I wasn't able to take as many photos like I did with the last dress.

 The only one photo from the reception that turned out, and there was a flower pot in my way :( oops!

 End of the night.....about to pass out from exhaustion.....greasy face......these photos are hilarious, I am almost half sleeping in them. Dress; Value Village. Lace collar; i made inspired by Sophie Makes Things blog, Necklace; Value Village, Shoes; Zara's. I was soo lucky to find this dress in such short notice. I literally bought it days before, where as my relatives were talking of their dresses they pre ordered and got custom made months in advanced. I really am a procrastinator, but I don't mind. I love this dress!
 The tessellation pattern that was pieced together which made up the dress= amazingly cool!

Alrighty, more photos and stories to come! More hats and dresses and cool things! I am surprisingly wearing more and more dresses lately. I kind of weaned off dresses for a while, but recently I have discovered a new found love for them.

Anyway have a T-t-t-telephone Thursday!

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  1. you are a fabulous and colourful person i love that!