Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Shiny And I Know It...yes that is a Lady Gaga Song Reference

 Showing off my hairy legs, that calls for an applause

 I call this photo "Lean Back," inspired by the popular dance from the song by Terror Squad.

Now for the highlight of this whole outfit......drumroll please!
 My power puff girl faux fur side bag! What can get better than that? Nothing I tell you! So fluffy, and purple and amazing. I found it while cleaning up my basement, and since then it hasn't failed to amuse me.

 Do your eyes hurt yet from all the shininess?

Everything I am wearing is thrift except for vintage glasses; Courage My Love and Doc Martens; Cinderella.

Now it's back to studying for me
Have A Super Sunday


  1. Really amazing outfit! THink I will never be able to pull it off but you can!

  2. oh, this outfit is so fun and glitter, bravo !

  3. super blog!!!)))
    i love this style!!!;)))

  4. your style is so fresh, like it much! :)

  5. Thank you so much everybody for your comments! :) They are much appreciated!