Friday, October 22, 2010

How To Overuse A Necklace That Isn't Yours In 7 days

  So if you haven't noticed I have been wearing this necklace like crazy for the past week. The reason being is because first: it is really beautiful and I love it, and second: it isn't mine, it is my friends meaning I won't have it forever, meaning I am going to outwear it like crazy with any outfit. This way I will feel like it served it's purpose in my closet, and I will never have the need to borrow it again (which is totally not true, I will probably be borrowing it a lot in the future). Anyway so today, sadly, I returned it back to my friend. In honor of that necklace, here is the last outfit I wore it with.....

Side note: this is not in front of my house. It's some random house near my school that I decided to take pictures by. 
 Bracelets; Thrift

 Dress; Value Village

Adding a little Missoni swag to my outfit with this Knit sweater; Mom's Closet
 Missoni Fall2010RTW. Image from
 Hat; Value Village. I tacked one side of this hat to the base, to give it that half pirate hat look. I have been doing this with all my hats lately.
 Tights; Winners
 Earrings; Mom's Closet
So long oh beautiful necklace! I will miss thee! :(

Alrighty, so there won't be much posting for the next few days, I have a huge art assignment due Tuesday (that frankly is not even half done) and an ISP assignment for English due Monday that I haven't started (ewww ISP). So I will be drowning in a puddle of my own stress sweat for the next few days! Woot! Stress! 

Have A  Funky Fried  Friday!

side note: so since I am not allowed to dye my hair still I have decided that I will invest in some good wigs. That way I can change up my hair colour from day to day, which would be pretty cool. First hair look on my list is this:

Three words: Yes, Yes, Yes. Image from


  1. Nice bracelets. I love how they lool paired with the rest of the outfit. Feel free to visit me when you have time.


  2. ahhhh missoni.. such an inspiration!!
    thanks for cheking my blog :)

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS POST)))

  4. The necklace is so gorge that it deserves to be worn as frequently as possible.

    And I love wigs.

  5. Thanx for your lovely comment!!!

    this is such a gorgeous outfit!!
    that red hair color is so intense but it's so cooool!!
    I used to have red hair but it was darker; not that kind of neon red~!


  6. That's a great outfit. I loved the girl with the red hair.