Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Figure Skating Pirate Hobo Ladies are my best friends

So yesterday I went shopping at value village for a dress for a wedding coming up this weekend. It is amazing and it will defiantly be taking pictures and posting it up after the wedding. But anyway, while I was shopping my mom found this hat. And this hat beats all other hats i have in my hat collection (wow I said hats a lot!). And I knew I had to wear it, so today I put together this outfit. I got a lot of "whoooaaas" at school today, and my mom could only describe my outfit as resembling a  Figure Skating Pirate Hobo lady.

 Note: I borrowed my aunts super awesome camera for this weekend, and used it for these shots, so you may notice the huge difference in quality varying from other posts! If you couldn't see my pimples and braces before with my camera, you will defiantly be seeing them with this camera.

//Click photos to enlarge//

Everything is Thrift and hand me down except shoes; Joe Fresh, tights; Urban Outfitters, ring; H&M

The queen of cam whoring = me, I should learn to have some self control when it comes to taking photos of myself. :S But who am I kidding, I love taking them so much! :)

Alright, now I have to go back to my homework. Oh my dreaded homework! I have approximately 6 English journal entries which I have to complete, plus an art rough draft, plus a history essay, plus a history test. Hurray for all nighters!....*sigh*

Have a Whatever is left of Wednesday because it is like 11:45 right now!


  1. love your hat! this outfit is so cool!

    great blog :)

  2. groovy blog. you should code the photos with photobucket or flickr so we can see them bigger.

  3. Yes, that would probably be a good idea. I will try, I am not so "one" with technology but hopefully I will be able to understand photobucket. :)