Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boogie Woogie Woogie Woogie Dancin Shoes, Keep me dancing all night...

 So last week I went to a birthday party for a family friend. I was not too keen on this though, I was feeling terribly, disgustingly ill, and nauseous. To make matters worse the party was a ten course meal. Uhh I can still feel the gurgle in my stomach from that whole indecent. It was not like I was able to refuse, that would be disrespectful, and by the end of the night I couldn't even walk. I was so filled to the brim that with any slight movement I might hurl. But there was a silver lining, I finally got to wear my new "baby" platform shoes I bought from Value Village that week. 6 bucks! (which is cheap for value village) The reason for why I am calling them baby platforms is because they are not to the height standard which I wanted. I am on the look for some waaaay higher platforms, but these will be good for now. Like practice shoes for the real deal. But until that time comes, here is what I wore to that party.....

Blue wool dress suite(both top and skirt); mom's old closet, belt, hat, necklace, earrings, shoes; Value Village, Knee High Socks; H&M. It was a bit chilly that day, so I am glad I chose to wear my wool dress suit. It was too bulky for my usual thin belt, so I gathered it all together with a bulkier belt as well. I like this 50s stewardess look. Although I did not use a thin belt to cinch my waist, I find this outfit very reminiscent of Prada F2010RTW. All that is missing are the amazing chunky tights and eyebrow glasses. 

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Now off to more homework (and by homework I mean procrastinating watching Lady Gaga Videos!)
Have a Serene Sunday!