Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 posts in one day? Flowers in Fall? Crazy talk!

I take public transit to and from school. As I was on the bus earlier this week, wearing this outfit I got asked, "So what you are wearing.... is it some kind of special fancy spirit day at your school or something?" Me being shocked at this comment replying, "No, this is just my casual Tuesday wear, is there a special spirit day at your school?" He didn't reply, I guess he didn't get my joke. I have somewhat of a dry humor when it comes to jokes. But yea! Hope that little story didn't bore you to sleep, this is what I wore on Tuesday...

Yay for my shiny face!

 And then it got dark outside....


So my bag (Audrey Hepburn! Yess), bracelet, watch, ring, hat and dress were all thrift. Doc Martens; Cinderella, Socks; H&M, Earring; Estate Sale, Sunglasses; gift from a friend. I made the collar and my little sister Alex made that plaque-turned-into-necklace when she was in kindergarten. The colours went so well with my outfit so I just added a ribbon to it so I could hang it around my neck.

The inspiration to this outfit was a little bit of a mix.
It ranged from....
 That Victorian-esque collar with frayed edges from Charles Anastase F2010RTW

 To the pastel colour pallet at Balenciaga F2010RTW
 To the white knit and floral vibes at Rodarte F2010RTW

Photos from

To that crazy cat lady on the Simpson's......See the resemblance?

Have a great night!

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