Thursday, September 9, 2010

What are you looking at?

So it has been over a month (I think) since I did what I call a little makeup photo shoot with my friend. Him and I are huuuuuuuge procrastinators and still haven't edited any of them, except one, which was a test edit. I am making this post so that each time we edit a photo, I'll upload it here so eventually the collection of photos will build up. And also it will be a good reason/ reminder/ motivation in the back of my mind that we have to edit them still. So here is picture numero uno. Hope you like it and more photos to come in due time so check back.

(click to enlarge, the quality is better) I call this the, "what are you looking at face?" I like this photo but at the same time I hate this photo, but that is why I like it? Make sense? no? I got the inspiration for my makeup from a youtuber named Josh ( his youtube channel is petrilude) in his Heatherette 24 Hour Party People video.

Have a great day!

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