Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swift Like A Coyote

I call this post "Quickest Post I Have Ever Done Because I Am Going Out Soon." Today was exhausting, I only had 4 hours of sleep last night on a count of reading a very addictive book. But enough small talk, here are some photos of what I wore today.

I wore a pretty simple outfit today, simple structure but with some pattern clashing.

Necklace; Value Village

Shirt, Top and belt; Value Village

Vintage Ray Bans; My Dad's

Bracelets and watches; all vintage and thrift

This bracelet is hilarious, the charms on it are little salsa dancers. It is very cute. It is kind of hard to see though because it is a little worn. 

Shoes; Value Village, Socks; Courage My Love

Side Bag; Thrift

I hate this new format for uploading photos on blogger. It is so frustrating. Maybe it is just me and I am using it wrong, but pictures aren't staying where I want them to stay and sooner or later I will probably punch my computer screen. *sigh* Oh technology.....
At least this weekend is a long weekend. The frustration kind of ease's if I just think of that fact.

Have a Taffy Thursday!

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