Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Silver Lining

I just found out that this Friday I have no school! How great is that? I can't believe that only three weeks into school (those were weeks? holy crap they felt like months) and I'm already waiting for my next holiday. Side note, my math teacher told us today that we would be having a quiz this Friday. No one wanted to tell him the truth about the PA day, everyone just kept quiet. He is one of those teachers who is a little dazed and confused, not really knowing what is going on. Sooner or later he will find out....hopefully he doesn't walk into school on Friday expecting a class and no one show up...that would be unfortunate. Anyway it is feeling more and more "Fally" (pronounced Fall-eee meaning fall-like; cold, gray, in the season of fall, etc). Well technically today was the first day of fall (bye bye summer :(! ). This was the outfit I wore today... I look totally pissed the heck off, which is hilarious. But don't worry! I am no way shape or form mad. Trust me my mad face is way more scarier than that.

The green velvet hat is from Courage My Love. I got it for pretty cheap, and it's cool because there is a huge braid going around the rim that I can stick my hair into! Whoo no need for hairspray for my bangs when I wear this little number.
The earrings I got from the Estate Sale I went to last month. The earring is like a small rose encased in a plastic shell. My friend has been pointing out to me that lately I have been wearing very heavy earrings, which is true. He also said that my earlobes will start sagging which is technically true, but that won't happen to me in a long time. Regardless the hole to put my earring in(whatever you call that, is it called an earring hole? I don't know...) is kinda stretched, gross I know. So stretched that I think I could, theoretically, insert very small spacers in and it probably wouldn't hurt, which kinda got me paranoid. So I am trying to wear lighter earrings, which resulted me to wear these little ones today, compared to the larger ones I would normally wear.
Necklace, shirt and blazer; thrift and mom's closet
The floral scarf is my best friend's (I always seem to have my best friends clothes lately) and that same friend made me the brown scarf....
...which is bits and pieces of different brown and textured materials.
Drumroll please.......deh deh deh deh deh deh, these are drum sounds people, deh deh deh.......the watch. Oh this watch. One of my favorite things in my closet. I got it for 2 dollars at the antique market. SO SO beautiful, it makes me want to cry tears of pure, sweet joy just looking at it right now in this picture.
Pants; VV, Socks; H&M, Shoes; Joe Fresh

Last day of school tomorrow until the weekend! I am overjoyed!
Have a Whoppy Wednesday!

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