Saturday, September 4, 2010

Montreal Trip: Day Two

Bad hair day+Very hot weather=Day two outfit

Without headbandWith Headband
Earrings; Vintage
I pinned my necklace to the shoulder's of the shirt
Necklace; Salvation Army, Crop Top and pin; VV
Belt; VV Shorts;VV
Socks; H&M, Shoes; VV
For some odd reason my camera could not take a decent photo of this bracelet. But this is my all-time favorite piece of jewelry in my closet. The charms are all the faces of the Spice Girls. How great is that?
Scarf; VV
I bought these shoes today from Zara's. They cought my eye right when I got into the store and they were on SALE!! (Sale=My favourite word). Only $50! Which is pretty decent.

I convinced my mom they were winter shoes because they had grip at the bottom :)

And these are some more photos of the day....
Just chillin' .....
My mom and I went to Eatons and they had displays of an array of dresses. Some were very nice. I really enjoyed this one, it is a dress made out of recycled magazines. I thought it was pretty cool. It was designed by Joseph Helmer.

This vintage wedding dress is to die for. And I say that because I saw almost the exact dress at an estate sale for 30 bucks and I didn't get it! I am  so regretting beautiful.

Today was fun, and tiring. It involved a lot of walking. But it was all worth is. I will be posting back here tomorrow for my last day in Montreal :( Boo whoo I am really gonna miss this place.

Have a Surreal Saturday!

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