Thursday, September 2, 2010

Montreal Trip: Day 1

Hello world! If you can guess by the title, I am in Montreal right now! :) So it is difficult to make a proper post. The fam and I decided, on whim, to have a last minute vacation out here, and it was an brilliant idea. I haven't been out here in almost 5 years i think, and being here is reminding me how much i have missed it so. It is beautiful. Too bad we are only staying for 3 days. I wish we could stay longer but school is right around the corner. But anyway, here are some pictures of the outfit I wore out today.Also note that some pictures, and/or text may be very jumbled. The computer that am using is being annoying. Please point out any mistakes in the comments below. I will try to fix it when I get home. This is on the roof of our hotel. It is very high up and windy and scary. I am not one to be a fan of heights.
I bought this top at the Value Village 50% off sale....
The little details like the back and the collar and sleeves are what first drew me to the shirt. Originally the floral part should be in the front, but I decided it looked better this way.
I used the lace collar that I made, also shown in this post, as a sort of bonnet like thing on my head. It not only made a great headband but shaded me from the un as well.
Hello there :)

Without headband
I am in dire need of some more tights. I only own three pairs and when those break, I will in a rut. Tights are a staple in my book, so I will look out for some funky ones out here in Montreal.
Necklace; Salvation Army Shoes; Nine West. I got them at a Value Village for 7 bucks!
Glasses; Probably Thrifted
Earrings; Estate Sale

The whole inspiration for this outfit came from what Lady Gaga wore during an interview in Japan (I think):
I'll be posting tomorrow as well. I will try making my Montreal outfits a kind of series.

I dont even know what day it is right now it is so late. I am pretty sure it is Friday.
So have a Fabulous Friday!

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  1. I don't know if you've already got this covered or not, but I just wanted to highly recommend that you get a set of makeup brushes. I just did and it's pretty amazing -- makeup application is sooo much easier and the result is way better. You can get cheap sets on eBay.

    I say this because some of your makeup is kind of complicated and you have a lot of art experience. I find that my background in watercolors makes using the brushes really natural. No using little sponge-tip applicators or your fingers to fix smudges!