Sunday, September 5, 2010

Montreal: Day Trois....Last day! :(

traffic+6 hour drive+getting back home at 2 in the morning=me being too tired to make a post yesterday :)

So I just woke up, and a feel completely groggy. I think i might be sick :S. The weather was so nice in Montreal but right when we get back home it is freezing cold outside, and my family and I were defiantly not in cold weather attire. Oh well, here are the pictures of my outfit i wore on our last day in Montreal.
The pant of the leg was not long enough to go well with the heel. It kind of looked like i was waiting for a flood so I pulled the pants up to look more like a capri instead of a long pant.
Jumpsuit; VV

Back View
Earings; Estate Sale
Necklaces; Salvation Army

Old belt I found somewhere in my room.
Purse; Thrift
Shoes; Zara's

Have a Sassy Sunday!