Friday, September 24, 2010

Love of My Life

I want to introduce you to the love of my life: My Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jacket. Well it is not totally my possession, it is a co ownership between my best friend Brock and I. If I had to sell everything in my closet, and there was only one or two things I was allowed to keep, this jacket would defiantly be on the top of that list. The whole story behind this jacket is I got it at my first Value Village Half off sale at the beginning of this year. When my best friend and I got to the store everything was basically stripped off the walls, there was really nothing left. We did not find anything we liked, but right before we gave up we spotted two stuffed animal heads poking out of the fur jacket section. We automatically pulled it out, and low and behold a faux fur jacket with the stuffed heads of Mickey and Minnie mouse on the collar.We couldn't believe our eyes, this was a legitimate jacket, tag and all, this jacket was actually sold in stores at one time (probably very long ago). We had to get this jacket, there was just no way we would leave that place without it. I was surprised too, that no one had picked it up before us, it was just so beautiful. It may have been boiling in that Value Village that day, but we pranced around in that heavy fur coat, soaking up the glares from passing customers. This was a once and a life time jacket, there was no way we'd ever find anything like this ever again. So in the end we split the costs, and it ended up being the only thing we bought there that day. Because it is a joint custody, we alternate days we get it. It is a great memory and there is just no way I will ever be letting this coat go.     


Platforms; Zara's, Socks; H&M

Earrings; VV

Sunglasses and Sunglasses Chain; Salvation Army

Jumpsuit and Belt; VV

I still cannot figure out this stupid new system with blogger. I am kind of getting it though. Uploading photos is fine now, but repositioning them is where I am stuck. There are random spaces between photos, some close some far, that are being stubborn and won't move for me no matter how much I plead and threat the computer screen. And adding captions is a whole other story, it adds a caption for two photos, and when I try to undo that, the photos disappear. I am so confused with technology...

Anyway Have A Fat Friday!(No seriously, pig out, I know that's what I will be doing!)

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