Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm so sick yo! no really, i'm sick *sniffle*

Can you tell? Today I felt horrible. I have no sense of taste or smell. I couldn't even smell my teacher's body odor. That's a bad sign, I must be really sick, but to brighten up my day I wrapped myself in lovely pastels. This is what I wore today:
Hood Scarfin It!
I made this out of an old maternity shirt my aunt gave me. It was really easy. I learned to make it here. The version they made in that video is a bit smaller than the one i made. Check it out!
I made this headscarf from the under layer of an old dress I didnt want anymore, which was pretty good use of the material, instead of throwing it away.
Without head scarf. I got this collar top from the Value Village Sale. The collar is huge, and I can do so much with it. There is going to be a lot to come from this top I can tell.
Vintage Sunglasses
Earrings; VV
Mint Green Blazer; VV
Purple Necklace; Thrift
Purse used as a necklace; My sisters
My fanny pack. It used to have this unflattering logo on the front, so I had to unstitch it off. And the skirt was my mom's when she was my age. And if you stare closely, you will see a picture of Lady Gaga, in honor of her amazing achievements from last nights MTV VMA's. She won almost all the categories she was nominated for, totaling to 8 awards that night, and best of all she won Video of the Year! And just as she promised she announced the name of her new album. I almost cried :) Born This Way!! And that little snid-bit of the song she sang, best performance of the night! And the outfits, spectacular. Everything she does and says, she cares so much. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out. I couldn't be any more happy :D
Two layers of tights. The purple ones I got for Christmas and the white lace ones are from H&M
The Doc Martens I got for my 15th birthday! Oh how beautiful they are. :) They are second hand, from a store called Cinderella in Kensington Market.
I'm gonna go drink a mixture of tea and lozenges and get some sleep.
Have a Massive Monday

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