Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cool as a cucumber


I have been feeling extremely lazy/crappy lately (leaning more towards the crappy feeling). So lazy/crappy that I even passed up an opportunity to shop today, which is something I never do! I have not been shopping in a while, so I have been a little bit antsy, but I just was not in the mood today. Maybe it is just the weather, there has not been enough sun out lately and every day just seems to be dragging on. Not to mention projects galore with school. This outfit, which I wore two days ago, perfectly represents the mood that has been haunting me this week. With slouchy, muddy and dark colors and fabrics. I am gonna go sleep some more, which has been helping a little, hope you like the outfit!

I am going to have a Television Thursday, hope you guys do something a  little more productive than what I am doing!