Thursday, September 9, 2010

The blues, the pinks, the greens, and holy crap my rooms a mess

So the title pretty much sums up this post. This is what I wore yesterday to school. Don't mind the messy background. My room was so neat and tidy before school started and BAM it is like a tornado hit. I tried hiding the messy things with a few sheets, but it still looks just as bad.
This is the talk to the hand/kissy face look...what was going through my head when I posed like this?

Today was disgustingly cold. It is only the beginning of fall and I am wearing a full on fur jacket. Love of my life, this silver lunchbox. I got it at the antique market and right when I saw it initially I thought, 'Ooo so shiny'
Ms Cool with the sunglasses on....
Mom am I pretty? :D
Sunglasses; Salvation Army
Earrings; VV
Chain Necklace; Thrift, the other chain is just the strap from one of my purses
I just love this sweater. Again, 'Soo shiny.' Plus I love the little poof on the shoulders. I got it at the VV sale. (side note: Beatles poster under my armpit awesomeness!)
Fur Coat; VV Sale
3 Silver Rings; H&M, other ring; thrift
And same old VV shoes and Urban Outfitters tights
What is new though is this nice long rip down the thigh; great. But I'll still keep the tights, the rip kind of looks like a tear drop, like the tears I shed when the tights split.
The pink lipstick didn't show up as vibrant as i would have liked, in the photos. The flash dulls it down for some reason, but it is called Tropical Pink and it is by Gosh Cosmetics.
Have a great day!


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  1. One of your best outfits that I would wear.
    Oh and I made you a little unicorn on my blog congrats!