Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barney was purple, why can't I be purple?

What would make this outfit awesome. Something is defiantly missing? It needs to be Paolinafied(a real word in the dictionary I swear :S)...
hmm....Oh I know!
A bad ass faux fur head thingy!

Oh yeeeeaaah!
And a hand shaking/holding bracelet.

Oh and don't forget the socks, how could I forget these socks???

Someone told me today that they thoroughly enjoyed my pantaloons, and then a teacher called me a snow queen. In conclusion it was a very confusing day. Everything was thrift, except for the socks, which I forgot where the heck they came from, and the clogs are from Joe Fresh.

Now I will go watch Glee butcher some classic songs. Yet why is the show so addicting? I don't know...

Have a Tasty Tuesday (Tuesdays are all honestly the worst days in a week, they drag on for too long)

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