Friday, August 13, 2010

What are you? Some kind of gypsy?

Well I guess wearing half a turban on your head and some patterns make you a gypsy, because that is what I got a lot of yesterday strolling downtown. That, and also remarks from my parents saying that I am starting to look a little like a old homeless grandma or something. Regardless I liked it and I thought that I looked completely appropriate.

Edit: I noticed that some of the pictured were extremely blurry and out of focused. You cannot really see what I am wearing. But I have just discovered the magical world of picnik so I fixed a few pictures (by a few I mean one) just to test it out.

New One! A lot better! Oh the art of Photoshop
I really love the wide sleeve on this top, it makes every arm movement feel so "flowy"

So what i am wearing from head to toe

I slicked my hair back and just used some pink organza that I found lying around for my turban headband. I learned how to tie it properly here.

Earrings; Value VillageSunglasses; Simon Chang for Peppers. I have no idea who this is, could anyone help me? I googled the name and couldn't find much. My friend got them at Value Village so he doesn't know either.

Necklaces; hand me down and thrift
Where did you get it? It was my mom's in the 80s! haha Mean Girls reference. Anyways the broach was my momma's in the 80s and the shirt, with a pattern which I can't really make out, was my dad's.
Floral Pants; Value Village
Sparkly Tights; Urban Outfitters
Ring; H&M
Purse; Thrift

My friends and I went downtown to do a little shopping. I haven't been shopping in weeks and it truly was about time that I did! I would have gone crazy if this shopping trip did not happened yesterday and I am being completely serious. We went down to Kensington Market, and even hit the dreaded mall. I may not have told you this yet, but I HATE mall shopping. It is so annoying. Everything is so expensive and the clothes aren't even that nice. Not to mention that nothing is unique at all. I would hate to have someone wearing the exact same top or skirt or just something that I have or was wearing. I like the feeling of wearing clothing you are sure no one else has. It is just that much more special. But I draw the line at things like underwear, bras, socks and such. There is just no way I am buying any of those pre-used. But we went anyway, only to go to the few places that were tolerable (i.e NOT HOLLISTER!!). I actually struck luck at H&M and found a ring that I did like, and wouldn't mind wearing, even if someone else had it. Here is some of the things that I bought yesterday.

I do not even remember where I got this bracelet from. I just remember liking it because it reminded me of the bib necklaces at Lanvin's S2010RTW collection, just not as cool.
Ring; H&M. This ring is huge. Imagine punching someone with it! holy crap that would hurt!
I Love! Love! Love! these Harem Pants. I got it from a place called bungalow in Kensington Market

And some cool earrings from god knows where, because I defiantly forgot.

So all and all that is everything I got, and I am pretty pleased. I ended up spending just 20 bucks that day on clothing and accessories alone, it was all pretty cheap, which makes me even more pleased. Here is a little sneak peak of a photo from the little makeup photo shoot that i I did with my friend last Friday. Mind you this photo is not edited yet so it's not at all done yet. Hope you enjoy your weekend and have a fabulous day!


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