Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wait...what? did you say ten dollars only? Owww my eyes!

So my mom and I went to some estate sales this weekend. I used to think I knew what cheap was. But this was nothing compared to that! It was pure bliss. EVERYTHING was so inexpensive. 50 cents for pants? SURE! 10 cent earrings? OF COURSE! And so on and so forth. So miss your total is 10 dollars. ARE YOU JOKING?! I was so amazed that I only spent 10 dollars. Even after the sales lady was giving me my change back, I was waiting for her to say, "Oops we made a mistake, there is no way all of that stuff is just 10 dollars," but she didn't! Move aside Value Village, I'm making room for my new found favorite, estate sales! But seriously, Value Village sales have really skyrocketed lately. 14 dollars for a dress is not acceptable. There is just no way I'll pay for that anymore. Or maybe I'm just queen of cheap. Whatever....I still can't wait for their half off sale at the end of the month.
I took some pictures of what I wore for one of the estate sales...
This sequin jacket is amazing! I got it from Value Village a long time ago and it was only 7 bucks which is a pretty decent price for sequin things.If you wear the jacket for too long, it will actually give you a headache, which sucks but it is totally worth it!
My favorite pair of heels, there is a little dirt on the heel from standing in the grass! I should clean that off
The toe of the shoe is amazing. The little grove in the center. It reminds me somewhat of the hooves of a horse. Awesome!
The shoes are by a company named Irregular Choice. The shoes that they make are super cool and different (hence the irregular in the company's name) and at a decent price too. Check it out!
Rings; H&M
Urban Outfitters; Tights
This amazing bag is from my friends closet, he said I could keep it so cool! The jacket plus this bag created the most beautiful light when it hits the sun. I was like a walking, talking disco ball!

Have a Super Sunday!

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