Monday, August 9, 2010

Violins and Dinosaurs and Volcanos! Oh My!

One of my FAVORITE! FAVORITE! collections and labels right now (see how I put favorite two times?) is the SS10 collection named Renaissance Dinosaur by the Australian label Romance Was Born. It is drenched with super coolness. Where else will you see volcano, cotton candy reptile and violin dresses in one show?! Nowhere I tell you! It really is nice to see the designers of the label, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, put in so much imaginative elements into their designs and still maintain that technical aspect in the way their clothes are made.

First of all, fuzzy violins! Dream come true!

Patterns in this line are so luxurious and colorful!

Lets take a close up look at that makeup. One word: scrumptious

Bringing bonnets back!! YES!


I also have to point out the hair in this collection is out of this world. There are so many elements that make up just one outfit. There is a lot but it doesn't look too overdone. It is like the perfect combination of everything.

Extreme embellishment is shown everywhere in this collection

Explosive! no pun intended

The outfit that closed the show. And I must say I am speechless. I have never seen anything like this in the world before. It combines all my favorite things, white lace, veils, victorian collars, bowl cut hair, and sitting on peoples shoulders. I need to find a personal shoulder carrier guy ASAP!

These patterns are amazing!! I am drooling right now. It is so perfect. When I go back to school this year for grade 10, this is what I will want to be wearing. I crave this outfit like a pregnant woman craves cake and Cheetos!!

Romance is Born just bring the creativity to the table, and are true inspirations. They put so much thought and detail into each one of their outfits, producing an effort which you only see in a handful of designers these days. The ideas the duo come up with are just so far out there that most couldn't even have dreamed of thinking of. Check out there website at . Trust me, you are gonna want to see this. I leave you with the video of their SS10 show at Australian Fashion Week 2010 as well as an interview with one half of Romance is Born, Luke Sales. His story about how he came up with the idea for the line is very clever. Watch it! Watch it!

Images from Romance Was Born / Video: Marie Claire

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