Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Lovin'/Rappin/playin with scarves

Oh summer, how I will miss thee. I know that the season is just about ending, which means school! Yay! Aaaand waking up and getting ready at 6 am and taking an hour bus ride on one of the busiest streets and homework.(not looking forward to that part). But I am looking forward to the part of seeing all my friends, and making some new ones. The problem is that I am in that summer mood of fun in the sun, relaxing and sleeping in, and will probably be in that state of mind, wishing that it was still summer, for the next three month's into school. I'm starting grade ten in about two weeks, and I couldn't be happier to go back, though. As much as I do love the summer, I love my school. I was that kid in kindergarten who never wanted to go home. All I wanted my life to be, at that time, was just school school school, because it was fun to me. (Oh naive little Paolina). It still is fun at times, but things have defiantly changed. After my first year of high school, I was really due for a good break, and the summer gave that to me. I go to an art school, and am there for visual art(painting and drawing and things). I was so quickly thrust into an unbelievable workload last year. I have not been put under that much stress in ever! (in ever? does that make sense). It was basically all-nighters at least once a week, and it does not help that I am a procrastinator. I should probably fix that. Regardless it was so worth it and this year will be very very interesting, but before that time comes, I will try to savor up these last few days.

Tomorrow I will be going up to my best friend's cottage, and honestly, I am not one with nature. I have never been camping in my life, or have ever owned a cottage, so this all will be new to me, and I always like to try new things so Go Wilderness! It is a great way to end the summer with my friends. And I will finally be able to wear my bathing suit that I got this year( shown below). It is like a vintage 1960s two piece bikini, with a high wasted bottom and bra like top. I love the material, it is almost like mini quilts. Originally what I was looking for was a one piece kind of 50s bathing suit, resembling this one, with maybe a different pattern, I am not a huge fan of polka dots. Regardless I was happy just to find this one. What I am pondering about for this trip is what should I wear? He said things like sweat pants and flip flops and running shoes, and I am not trying to sound snooty or anything, but I don't own any of those items. After I finished gym in first semester I donated all of those things to thrift, because I never found a use for wearing them. Oh well I'll have to figure it out.

Anyway I went back to school shopping yesterday and here are some pictures of the outfit that I wore. I tried playing around with my scarf a little, but not too much. Before I could try anything really new, my mom called me in so we could go supplies shopping.

Scarf in the Pocket of Shirt
The scarf is so light in that picture so here is a close up if you couldn't see.

My usual head scarf bow thingy :)

I felt like a cool flight attendant who broke the dress code like these fine ladies in this picture
And then the rapping started. Oh God. "YO, YO, YO, this is a scarf on my neck, uhh (what rhymes with neck...leck, peck, check!) I do not know what rhymes well with with neck!" WOW. That was a very good rap Paolina, good job. :D You should really consider rapping professionally...
I got this shirt at an estate sale for about 50 cents.The flower prints kind of reminded me of the flower prints used in Christopher Kane's F2010RTW collection.

Velvet top; Value Village

If you have noticed in previous posts, I always borrow things from this one friend of mine, Brock Tremblay and not surprisingly this is another one, Uh Oh! I feel so bad, I always borrow his stuff because it is so nice. Well actually he left this one at my house, so technically he gave this one to me, and it has been sitting on my desk for ages. So I might as well use it :) He handmade it during one of his pottery classes. Ill just give it back to him tomorrow when I see him. I looovveee love love this necklace. It is so creepy but at the same time so beautiful. It is unique. I am actually obsessed with this necklace. I will have to make or get him to make one for me so I don't always have to use his!!
Shorts; V.V. (lets make an abbreviation for Value Village. Let's call it V.V. from now on. YAY for abbreviations!) Nylons, H&MClogs; Joe Fresh, Socks; H&M
And finally the earrings. I think I got them in a store somewhere at Kensignton Market, but I am unsure of which store that one is...i have a terrible memory :S

Well I am off to the cottage, the great outdoors, and will try to post as much as possible if they have a computer there. If not, then I hope you have a tremendous time for the next three days. :)

And have a Wacky Wednesday!


  1. whoaa that bikini is beautiful! very 60s, and it looks like its one of those bikinis that will fit amazingly well :) love the outfit toooo! x

  2. Thank you! It felt so good to actually put the bathing suit to use. It has been sitting in my drawer for the longest time. Thank you so much for the comment!