Thursday, August 5, 2010

red is my colour....thanks....collars...and my camera sucks!

I guess it is true? I wore this outfit yesterday and that is what a whole bunch of people told me, "Aww red is your colour," and by a whole bunch of people I mean my mom and my best friend.

ANND see the lace collar I am wearing? I MADE IT! hehehe. AND I LOVE IT!! It was inspired by a lace collar that a blogger named Sophie made. Check out her blog Sophie Makes Things, there are some pretty cool things that she creates. When she made hers she used white lace, and originally I was going to do that too, but when I saw that black lace at the store, I just couldn't resist. And it was so cheap too, so why not?! It was simple to make and I'm so so so happy with the results! I encourage everyone to try and make one yourself. I defiantly plan on making various other ones in the future for my many collar needs.

Everything is thrift or hand me down except for the DIY lace collar and hair bow,
and the mystical shiny tights are from Urban Outfitters.
Just Tying my bow...

Putting on my jacket i guess?

no no, taking off my jacket?

What ever I am doing, it looks like I am having trouble with it...:S

These tights hold the secrets to the universe, that's why I love them

Inside photos, waay to hot outside today...

Squatting? haha trying to get some exercise in....

Sorry about the cameras photos though, it is kinda old. My dad got it a year ago because it said it was an "HD cam." HD my ass! There is just no way that this camera takes HD photos, at all! It friggin sucks! Every picture i take is sooo out of focus and blurry. It is so hard to find a decent
photo. Obviously i must be doing something wrong. I don't even know....

BUT I AM IN LUCK! my aunt is going to let me borrow her super amazing camera for the weekend! I am using it for a a project with my friend. It is going to be a little makeup photoshoot that, i think, we are doing tomorrow. Hopefully i will be able to post those pictures up soon. It is going to be a ton of fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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