Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away, and NEVER come back! (but then again, come back because people need you and stuff)

It has been seriously disgusting outside for the past few days. It really makes the days drag on, feeling more like weeks than days. Just rain and rain and rain and rain and you get the picture. The air is murky and moist, the sky is dark, it does not feel nice at all. But it is doing wonders for my hair and gave me a good enough excuse for using an umbrella as a prop without looking stupid. Yay! (umbrellas FTW?)

/click all pictures to enlarge/
Oh, how cute
Pearl Collar; Urban Outfitters
Top ring is not actually a ring. It is a mirror that you slide on your lipstick. It's my moms and i love it as both a ring and a lipstick mirror thingy. Bottom rings; H&M
Bracelets all vintage
Earrings; Estate Sale
Hippie Clogs; Joe Fresh. These shoes make the best sound when you walk. It is especially funny when everything is quiet and all you here is my wooden clogs clonking against the floor.
There was a bee ....fabulous
Have a Magnificent Monday!

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  1. Hahahaha your face in that last one is priceless! I know exactly what you're feeling.