Monday, August 16, 2010

Morning Boredness

It is summer, which means I slack and wake up at like 3 in the afternoon like some lazy fat cat. But not today. For some reason I woke up at nine, and could not go back to sleep after that, and it truly annoyed me. What do people even do this early in the morning? I was so bored with being awake that I started playing around with the necklace I was wearing, pinning it everywhere on my top, resulting in this.....
I found this necklace somewhere in my room, it most likely is thrift. The rose beads are gorgeous, too bad the necklace broke right after i took it off :(

Side note, while purging the crap in my room for a garage sale my family is having soon, I found my old camera which I thought I broke and lost ages ago. And guess what?! It totally works and takes way better photos than the other camera I was using, mostly because this camera has a flash, so HURAH!

Anyway...I think that is it for today, I'm going catch some Z's, I am tired now afther this extremely long day! nighty night!


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