Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Discounts on Discounts

Don't mind the clothes that are in the bags. Everything that I bought is in the wash, so I just put my family's dirty laundry in the bags as a prop. So if you see lots of underwear, do not be alarmed.

So yesterday was the big half off clothing and jewelery sale at Value Village, and boy was it intense. Well, maybe just intense for my friend and I. We take our sales very seriously. There we were, running, and snatching up everything in the sight. I made sure we got there bright and early when the store opened at 7. That required us to do some mass planning the night before on what we should get, what section of the store each of us would cover, which stores to go to and waking up at 5 to get ready, and in the spirit of the sale we did not go there the day before to hide things, because that is just cruel. It is almost like battle planning, where we are nights trying to raid a castle, but the nights are us, and instead of a castle it is a thrift store. But regardless of that weird analogy, we did find some pretty amazing clothes and things. I made up this process where after about an hour of going through things, we purge through our stuff, taking out anything we don't really need, or aren't as nice as we thought it was when we picked it out. There are many purging processes until in the end you have all the really nice stuff, minus any unnecessary fillers. We went to two stores that day, running on 4 hours of sleep, so we were pretty pooped by the end of it all. I think now I am pretty much set for my fall wardrobe, minus a few little things. I remember asking the cashier for an extra discount on this amazing ruffled collar shirt, because it had a stain, and she got so mad. She was probably thinking, 'how cheap is this girl?? She wants a discount on a discount??' But that's just me; I found it extremely funny though.

I wish I could show you everything I got right now, but I can't. I will make that post when everything is done washing. But until then.....

Have a totally tubular Tuesday!


  1. wow looks like you bought loadss!
    theres a sale tomorrow in east london that im going to. You pay £10 for a medium bag £20 for a large and you fill it up with whatever you like. cant wait!

  2. oo that sounds interesting. I've been to a store where they do something a bit similar. Stuff as much as you can into a bag for $15. Hope you have fun!