Thursday, July 29, 2010

DIY Hats...DIY Cats...DIY Bats....DIY shmats?

Today I dedicated my time to making some DIY hats! Pillbox hats to be exact. I found them very very easy to make. And me thinking, 'wow a whole day making hats (fun!...I have a lot of time on my hands...) I'll make a whole bunch!' But no. I made one. Not saying I'm surprised though, I am sort of a perfectionist and will not let any imperfection pass me by. But it took me a few hours to make it, and after I realized that i needed more materials to make more (meaning a little stop by fabric land! yaaay!). I am pretty pleased with the results ! Especially for my first time :)And I made it out of 100% recycled materials!!!(how cool is that? *nerd*)

And this is susan, modeling off the face was just not in the mood today

she modeled it off pretty well if I do say so myself :)

anyway that is all.....

Paolina :)

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